I did it! I finally did it! After years of saying that I wanted to dye my hair, but pulling out at the last minute, I took the plunge and got my mum to dye my hair ultra violet and I LURVEEEE it!

Honestly, I am so happy that I finally did it, because it has been one of the best decisions I have made this year.

For those of you that are wondering why I wanted to dye my hair so bad, it was pretty much because I always hated my natural hair colour. It was brown, but not one of those nice, hued browns, instead it was what I called a ‘dead brown’- it didn’t really stand out and I always felt that it made me look washed out.

So, a few weeks ago I started researching best hair dyes for dark hair, but most importantly thick hair. Due to my bi-racial background, my hair is extremely layered and thick, so I wanted to make sure that the company I bought would be well equipped to actually dye it and I wasn’t wasting my money.

After binge-watching youtube videos and scouring reviews, I came to the conclusion that Schwarzkopf was the best option.

I then proceeded to go to my local superdrug to find a colour, I already knew what colour I wanted but I just needed to find the one that was closet to it.



I chose the LIVE XL in Ultra Violet, as it is made specifically for dark hair and the colour really stood out to me.

This is how my hair looks now! Isn’t it gorge ❤

I really lurveeee it, it makes me feel so confident especially because my hair was such an insecurity for me.

So if you happen to see me anytime soon, it is likely I will be hair flicking every second haha.

Until next time,

Savannah x