I did it! I finally did it! After years of saying that I wanted to dye my hair, but pulling out at the last minute, I took the plunge and got my mum to dye my hair ultra violet and I LURVEEEE it!

Honestly, I am so happy that I finally did it, because it has been one of the best decisions I have made this year.

For those of you that are wondering why I wanted to dye my hair so bad, it was pretty much because I always hated my natural hair colour. It was brown, but not one of those nice, hued browns, instead it was what I called a ‘dead brown’- it didn’t really stand out and I always felt that it made me look washed out.

So, a few weeks ago I started researching best hair dyes for dark hair, but most importantly thick hair. Due to my bi-racial background, my hair is extremely layered and thick, so I wanted to make sure that the company I bought would be well equipped to actually dye it and I wasn’t wasting my money.

After binge-watching youtube videos and scouring reviews, I came to the conclusion that Schwarzkopf was the best option.

I then proceeded to go to my local superdrug to find a colour, I already knew what colour I wanted but I just needed to find the one that was closet to it.



I chose the LIVE XL in Ultra Violet, as it is made specifically for dark hair and the colour really stood out to me.

This is how my hair looks now! Isn’t it gorge ❤

I really lurveeee it, it makes me feel so confident especially because my hair was such an insecurity for me.

So if you happen to see me anytime soon, it is likely I will be hair flicking every second haha.

Until next time,

Savannah x


Best cheap, summer buys for your holiday feels

Holiday season is fast approaching and some of you may be working on your summer body, whilst I am just here eating Candy Kittens contemplating a gym visit. Despite the fact that I am going to Barcelona in August, I am really lacking the motivation to actually get up and be active *ugh exercise sucks so bad*

Anyhoo, I have rounded up some of the best, summer looks for the holiday/festival seasons so that you can slayy and look like absolute flames, whilst on a budget.

  1. Boohoo: Anna Boutique Angel Sleeve Embroidered Waist Maxi Dress

    Screen Shot 2017-05-29 at 11.12.58.png

This dress is £30 and perfect for a holiday in the sun… Just imagine late night strolls on the beach and this dress- it is literally the perfect match. Another good thing about this dress is that the design is flattering for all body shapes.

The clinched waist and flowy skirt means that you will instantly appear slimmer and taller, which is perfect for summer- especially if like me, you were too lazy to start working on your summer bod at the start of the year!


This cropped top is £18 and the perfect summer accessory, as it can be paired up with just about anything whether that is jeans, a maxi skirt or some cute jean dungarees. The flushed baby pink colour is one of my go to summer colours, as it really stands out and gives you a lovely pop of colour.

Definitely a must buy for summer!

3.  Missguided: White faux leather printed crop jacket

Screen Shot 2017-05-29 at 12.25.57

OMG how cute is this?!?! I am in love *insert heart eye emoji*- this faux leather jacket is soooo stunning and can be paired with just about every outfit/colour scheme. This jacket is £40 but when you take into account it’s detail and design, the price seems easily justifiable.

I would recommend this jacket for festivals such as Wireless, as it is perfect for those post Coachella vibes.

4. Matalan: Stripe Bardot Maxi Dress


I LURVE THIS! This maxi dress is the perfect summer holiday outfit and only £20, I recently purchased one from my local Matalan store for my Barcelona holiday and I must say, it looks great on. The colours really stand out and will definitely attract attention.

5. Bodysculpt Tropical Print Bandeau Swimsuit

Screen Shot 2017-05-29 at 13.03.51.png

Yassssssss sis slayyyy, I am sorry but this model is seriously showing some #melaninmagic right now and I am well and truly snatched… This swimsuit is perfect for women of colour as the colours really compliment our skin. I mean, just look how cute this babe looks with her fro. Furthermore, this swimsuit is only £12

Definitely a must buy for your holiday!

Have you bought any of these items? Are you going on holiday or to a festival this summer? Drop me a comment below!