My thoughts on the EU Referendum results and Cameron’s resignation.

*This post was published June 24th 2016 on my old blog*

As the old saying goes, “history has repeated itself.” It would seem that 17 million of Brits demonstrate the same xenophobia that was present when Jews and Italians came to the US in the early twentieth century and when West Indians came to Britain in the 50’s. The sheer fear of migration and the manipulation of the media whereby we were injected with much anxiety over the accessibility of welfare, health and education services has resulted in our country leaving the EU.

 A decision that will presumably have drastic effects on our country for many years to come, already we have seen the value of our pound drop drastically resulting in the temporary loss of us being the fifth largest economy in the world. Furthermore, this morning saw the resignation of our prime minister, David Cameron. I will point out that Mr Cameron is not my favourite leader, as I feel he has done little to fix our housing crisis as well as many other issues that were prevalent in our society way before the influx of immigrants became the government’s primary focus/main issue. However, his resignation shows that no matter what position a government official possesses, they are still accountable to the electorate.

 It is likely that Boris Johnson will take over the Conservative leadership in the next upcoming months, however the details are still yet to be confirmed. Without a doubt, whoever takes over the leadership will have to reunite the party as this whole ordeal has torn the party in half.

 One thing that gets me is just how controversial the result really is, I mean we have bloody Donald Trump of all people declaring just how great of a decision we Brits have made but this is the same man that believes America should build a wall to prevent illegal Mexican immigrants from coming into the country and stresses the importance of the dismantling of Islam. Quite frankly his support should be a great indicator of just how bad a decision this all was, but who am I to judge? After all, I am just a eighteen year old young adult and it would seem our opinions do not count.

 What shocked me this morning is that Boris Johnson appeared quite sombre during his press conference which made me think he was starting to have regrets, but then it has been quite an eventful day so it could just be the stress. I found his speech somewhat lacklustre as I felt like he could have used that opportunity to try and re-unite the country and sqaush growing fears. At this point, it is clear our country is divided and that is a sorry state of affairs because this country was built on strength, unity and communitarianism. Yet it would seem that those qualities have faded away over time with a bigger emphasis being placed on individualism.

 So what does this mean for places like Scotland who strongly wanted a remain vote? Well there is a strong possibility they could be forced out of the EU against their will which is why Scotland’s first minister Nicola Sturgeon has called for a second independent referendum in a broad attempt to reclaim Scotland’s place in the EU. Whatever decision Scotland make will likely unfold over the next few days.

 Honestly,  this outcome was not something that I expected… I thought it would be a close call but that remain would clinch the win. I’m still in shock but can only hope that we as a country will be able to bring ourselves out of this; i guess only time will tell.

 Until next time,

Savannah xoxo