*This post was previously posted on July 1st over at my previous wix blog*


One of my favourite country singers Kacey Musgraves once said ‘you try to tell me you want happiness, but you’re not happy unless you’re miserable.’ This lyric has always stuck with me because as humans we are constantly looking to evolve, this is sometimes restricted by our comfort in pursuing what we already know. So, whaat I mean by this is that more often than not we desire to achieve certain goals and aspirations but this often fails due to one adopting a fixed mindset, by which we seek these goals but fear change. Over the years I have come to realise that we are often reluctant to change our approach to life, it is almost as if we are bound to our mentality so much so that we attempt to set sail with our anchor down. *another great and relevant Kacey lyric there*

 But how can we desire success when we are doing hardly anything to achieve that? I know that we all have a tendancy to sit back and wait for life to go our way as if the universe is a genie that grants all our wishes. I mean, for a long time I used to say that I wanted to be a world famous entertainment journalist just like my idols Ryan Seacrest and Guilianna Rancic. However, I was doing practically nothing to achieve this. I wasn’t writing or blogging nor making any sort of attempt to engross myself in the industry; it probably was not until the FIRST year of sixth form that I just suddenly got a wake up call and finally decided I needed to make a change. No one was going to know my name if I sat back and never gave them a reason to, no I had to pretty much pick my non existent balls off the floor and start putting in the work, and ever since then I have achieved so much from having a published article to volunteering at a radio show.

 You see, as much as we would like to just be given our dreams on a silver platter, it is not possible unless we give someone a reason to hand us that platter. As cliched as it sounds ‘you reap what you sow’. Another thing that I wanted to address is the importance of a strong inner circle… sometimes people are put in our path not to inspire us, but to deter us from our goals. If you are religious, you would probably say  that it is God’s way of making us stronger; I’m not a religous person but I do feel that this is true. Throughout life we meet so many people and make a ton of friends, but majority of these people are just there for the moment… a temporary fixture of sorts. Come on, have you ever heard of anyone that is still friends with EVERYONE they were friends with from primary school to University? I haven’t because over the years one’s friendship groups tend to get smaller in size, this is probably because we mature and stupid things like #squadgoals and popularity cease to be something we care about, what with real issues like bills and starting a family being much more important.

Having people around you that support your goals and want to help aid your growth is a major key to your success.