Artist to watch: Marian Hill

Marian Hill are an American duo composed of Jeremy Lloyd (music/lyrics/production) and Samantha Gongol (music/lyrics/vocals). The multi-talented act released their debut album Act One on 20th June, 2016, since its release the album has gained over 200 million combined global streams. They are also regarded as the most shazam’d band thanks to their jazzy tune ‘Down’ which also featured in an ad for Apple’s wireless earphones AirPods.

If you haven’t heard of Marian Hill before, I can bet that by the end of the year you will have. Marian Hill_MG_9826_re_HIRES

  • Marian Hill get their name from the musical The Music Man and is influenced by two characters from the 
  • The music video for their song ‘Down’ has over 14 million views
  • They met each other in High School 
  • ‘Whisky’ was the first song the duo wrote together and was all about femininity and a woman’s sexuality. 
  • Their upcoming London gig has been upgraded from XOYO to Scala due to popular demand and their ever growing profile. 
Marian Hill are a duo that are shaking the music industry. Why? Maybe because they aren’t afraid to be themselves and take risks. Their aesthetic is bold and it is likely that the songwriters will continue pushing boundaries.
Marian Hill hi-res 02 (Cred Miller Mobley)
Check Marian Hill out on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook/Youtube

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