Bish what!!! Bachelor in Paradise gets cancelled!?

Hey lovelies,

I am seriously frustrated right now, anyone that knows me will know that I am a massive Bachelor fan- I have seen every season of The Bachelor and the Bachelorette and I also love watching Bachelor in Paradise which is the spin off.


Any fan of the show will know that Bachelor in Paradise airs a few weeks after The Bachelor/Bachelorette finishes. Bachelor in Paradise is one of my biggest guilty pleasures, like is there really anything better than a matchmaking reality show set on the beach… ugh I don’t think so.

On Bachelor in Paradise, former contestants from The Bachelor and The Bachelorette live on an island for six weeks and must find relationships in order to stay on the show.

Tanner and Jade remain one of Bachelor in Paradise’s most successful couples

However, controversy has already hit the new season despite it not even airing.

The ABC reality show announced Sunday that it was halting production of its fourth season for unspecified allegations of misconduct.

A spokesman said:

“We have become aware of allegations of misconduct on the set of Bachelor in Paradise in Mexico. We have suspended production and we are conducting a thorough investigation of these allegations,” a statement from Warner Bros. read. “Once the investigation is complete, we will take appropriate responsive action.”

To make matters worse many of the cast were spotted heading home as production is stopped indefinitely.

So what really happened? Well details at the moment are very vague, but here’s all I know:

  • A source has confirmed that the reason for the cancellation was due to Corrrine Olympios (from Ben Higgins season) and Demario Jackson (from Rachel Lindsay’s current season of The Bachelorette)
  • It would seem that an incident occurred between the two in the pool that was spotted by a member of the production team
  • The following day, said producer did not go to work and has also filed legal proceedings against the company
  • Claudia Oshry, aka as the infamous social account @girlwithnojob, who is friends with Olympios, said on her morning show on Monday: “The part that’s unclear is a producer was either watching while it happened and didn’t do anything or, we were also told, a producer was watching while it happened, tried to stop it, and was told by production to hold back.

Social media reactions from the contestants have been pretty vague too, so it is hard to know what really happened:

I suspect more details will unfold over the upcoming days, however I will not be updating this with any speculation or rumours, only confirmed news from reliable sources such as Entertainment Journalists or the producers/contestants themselves.

There is a lot of information circulating on social media right now, please try not to give it much thought until it is confirmed.

Love always

XOXO Savannah



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