Why I no longer let my insecurities define me!

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When I was thirteen, a teacher asked my friends and I to complete a class exercise to dig deeper into ourselves and question “who we really are.” At first, I was thrown; this was the first time anyone had ever asked me such a question and the first time I ever really asked myself. I had no idea and realised that, besides the basic facts I knew about myself, I was speechless. It was then I realised that I was consumed by something bigger than me… a darkness that defined me, but not in a good way.

During my early adolescence, I hated myself and could look in the mirror and pick out endless flaws simply because that was all I saw. I was fat. I was ugly. I was the girl whose best friend turned on her and made me feel worthless. But, I guess that’s the thing about mirrors– they can make you or break you, be your best friend or your worst enemy. There was a time when I didn’t just hate myself but I would do just about anything to change my appearance so that I looked more like everyone else. Around six years ago, I nearly died of organ failure; most of it is a blur but the one thing I remember is the thoughts going through my head whilst being rushed to hospital. Am I going to die? But most of all I just felt empty, my condition was a result of me foolishly deciding to stop taking my epileptic medication because of the weight it made me put on. At the time, I was young, naïve and very insecure so I didn’t care about the potential risks because what was the point if I was still unhappy with myself.


When I look back to that time in my life, I feel so ashamed that I allowed myself to fall victim to a ‘disease’ that troubles so many young women all around the world. A ‘disease’ that we are exposed to from the minute we are born. A ‘disease’ that has killed more souls than anything else and one that is continually thrust upon us by society. 

Growing up as a girl in the twenty-first century is difficult; with apps like Instagram and Tinder being a female in our current status quo means that you not only have to face critique from yourself but also from online trolls who can only speak when they have the comfortability of a keyboard beside them. It feels like we are in constant battle not only with ourselves but society also. We now live in a world men possess the ability to swipe left if they feel we aren’t good enough for their superficial desires, and as much as that worries me, it really is up to you how you let it define you.


It wasn’t until a few months ago that I made a conscious decision to no longer let my insecurities define me, there comes a time when you just have to accept that individuality is more important than succumbing to what everyone else wants you to be. I had to learn that the hard way and I wish that there was some way, I could tell all you young girls out there that it gets better. There really is light at the end of the tunnel, you just have to find the strength within you to follow it. Individuality refers to an individual, you, not your friends or your parents, it’s you. You are the only one strong enough to see the beauty of your reflection, at which point I can guarantee others will see it too. However, getting over your insecurities is easier said than done, for me it is a continuing journey whereby I am now starting to take better care of myself so that I can feel beautiful inside and out. I would still say that I have more bad days than good, and maybe that is something I will never get over, but for now I am learning to love myself and have a mutual understanding with my mind that although we may be different to what society considers beautiful; we are perfectly imperfect in our own way.


The Art Of Letting Go!


We all have baggage, a part of our life that we would happily erase if we had the chance. It often takes a long time to get over the hold that chapter of your life has on you, and for some you never quite get over it. The art of letting go is something that I have become quite accustomed with over the course of my life and have come to accept as a necessary part of growing as an individual.
The art of letting go is a premise that was first derived many years ago by Buddha who taught his followers about the power of changing their mental processes in order to alleviate emotional discomfort and embrace change.
Why do we need to let go?
Letting go is not just a crucial part of life, it is also a necessity. There is no other we could progress as human beings if we allowed ourselves to remain rooted in the past. It is not a sign of strength, but a sign of weakness. Allowing ourselves to remain in the present ensures that we maintain a sense of mindfulness and peace rather than falling victim to hate preservation.
“The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, nor to worry about the future, but to live the present moment wisely and earnestly”
How do we let go? 
One of the first steps to letting go is identifying the problem or problems and coming to terms with the grief it has caused you. Write down what you are attached to and brainstorm what resulted in that being caused, was it partly your fault or solely the other individual? Write down whatever comes to your head and give yourself the chance to get it all it out once and for all. Once you have done this, take the sheet of paper and destroy it as to cleanse yourself of all the anger that you held in for so long, you might not feel the results at first but I can guranntee that you feel a sense of relief.
Another method that may help you on your journey to letting go is a method inspired by Buddhist teachings that practices non-attachment. Non Attachment refers to the Buddhist teaching on non-attachment is ultimately about realizing the truth of yourself. It’s about what we believe about ourselves and the world around us. According to the buddha teachings, you have to become at peace with your mind before you can begin letting go, so this may be done through meditation or chakra training.
How do I know that letting go will make a difference to how I feel ?
Well, the whole point of letting go is that it is meant to be a process. Therefore, you can not expect to see changes that quick, however that doesn’t mean you give up because without a doubt the more you train your mind to clear, the more you will see a change.

Letting go of the past is definitely a difficult task and one that can not always be achieved lightly, although I do personally believe that following some of these steps will advance your process and aid your growth in life.
Until next time,

The importance of Black Girl Magic


Cast your mind back to last month where across the world was a state of euphoria and national pride as the Rio Olympics took place, rival countries rallied together to show unity and future mini olympians found themselves engrossed in the TV, inspired by everything that was taking place. Now, I want you to remind yourself of something very specific and that is the United States Gymnastics team; a team so diverse and special that they became the main focus of the Olympics. The U.S Gymnastics team consists of girls such as Gabby Douglas, Simone Biles, Laurie Hernandez and Aly Raisman. These girls are not just exceptionally talented at their sport but they also paved the way for ethnic minorities, in particular females at the games. I usually aim to catch some of the olympics every year but this was the first time that I actually felt connected to the athletes, and was also the first time that i saw girls on tv that I could relate to; who looked like me.

It is suffice to say that the Olympics were the epitome of black girl magic.  


Biles has been heavily commended for her role in the Olympics with some even going as far to call her the Micheal Jordan of Gymnastics. That is a very well deserved title as she left the games heavily decorated with medals after winning gold in the Women’s vault, Women’s floor and the Women’s team all around; maybe that is even an understatement of just how much she has achieved. Let us just take a moment to see that the greatest female gymnast in the world is an African-American which isn’t something we see often. The presence of black athletes at the Olympics was so empowering that black parents all around the world began to showcase just how much it had impacted their children. From young girls claiming they wanted to be gymnasts to athletes, it was actually quite beautiful to watch it all blossom and see all these little faces light up because they finally had someone to look up to. 

“It is very interesting to see black women going into areas where you really don’t see black women competing, with all different body shapes, complexions and hairstyles being represented,” said Kaye Wise Whitehead, a professor at Loyola University who studies race and gender. “Black women see and feel that there is no door closed to us … and that we’re not just walking through those doors, but we’re dominating.

For centuries, the black woman has found herself at the centre of discrimination and persecution. Often pushed to the back burner, whilst their caucasian peers get all the accreditation and for a long time this was the reality in sport. Thus, it is quite a big deal to have ethnic minorities taking such charge as they have this year. It wasn’t just Gymnastics that saw ethnic minorities dominating as Michelle Carter became the first American female to win the shot put and was the first woman to win the sport since 1960. 

For those who do not understand the importance of Black Girl Magic need to know that there was a time when Black people were banned from sport and if given the opportunity to play in the Olympics, they were often secluded from their other teammates. After doing some more research, I found that in the 1932 Olympics black athletes Tidye Pickett- a hurdler and Louise Stokes- a sprinter were often forced to stay in an attic apartment away from their teammates. On the other hand, eighteen black athletes in the 1936 Olympics were denied recognition when they returned home to America. 

That was then and this is now, times are changing and black girl magic is now a prevalent part of sport, as well as everyday life and will likely continue to be. 

Celebrities are human too!!!

Hi lovelies,


 This post is inspired by recent events that some of you may have seen played out in the media surrounding singer/actress Selena Gomez, A.K.A my idol and queen. Selena suffers from an auto-immune condition commonly known as Lupus and as a result of her symptoms has been forced to cancel the remainder of her World tour; a tour that I was luckily enough to get tickets too, but unfortunately will no longer be able to attend. It has been reported by several media publications that she has been struggling with anxiety and depression which was later confirmed in the official statement as seen below.

“As many of you know, around a year ago I revealed that I have lupus, an illness that can affect people in different ways,” the singer told People in an official statement. “I’ve discovered that anxiety, panic attacks and depression can be side effects of lupus, which can present their own challenges. I want to be proactive and focus on maintaining my health and happiness and have decided that the best way forward is to take some time off.”

“Thank you to all my fans for your support,” she continued. “You know how special you are to me, but I need to face this head on to ensure I am doing everything possible to be my best. I know I am not alone by sharing this, I hope others will be encouraged to address their own issues.”

When the news of Selena’s current condition and cancellation broke, I could almost hear the sounds of selenators around the worlds heart breaking because they realised that they would no longer be able to see their idol live. I felt for them, but mostly I was just concerned for Selena and was proud of her for calling off the tour as I would much rather her be in a good health state than putting herself in a very dangerous situation by continuing on with a very mentally demanding tour. However, one thing that shocked me was the amount of abuse I saw being sent her way as scorned fans scolded her for disappointing them and “wasting money”. There was a very strong lack of compassion and it was if people saw her as a robot rather than a human being that posesses human feelings. Often, celebrities are subject to extensive trolling and online abuse whether it be racism or body shaming and it sickens me to think that people actually believe having money heals all wounds and demons a person may be dealing with at the time. However, the fact of the matter is that money is a temporary fixture in life just as our whole existence is temporary. When we die none of our material goods will leave with us, we came in alone and we leave on our own, there is no amount of money in the world that could change that. However, it is quite clear that these online trolls have a strong sense of resentment that celebrities are pretty much living the dream during the time that they are here. The funny thing is that if they spent half the time they do trolling and actually invested it into making their lives better, they just might be able to get a taste of that life.

 *let’s not even waste any more precious time talking about those losers*

 I first heard about Selena’s Lupus diagnosis last year but up until that moment, I didn’t really know much about the condition after than the fact that it affects your bones. Since researching it, I have come to realise just how hard the condition is to live with- Lupus is an autoimmune disease that leads your immune system to attack healthy cells. It is thought to affect around 1.5 million people in the US, and 15,000 in England and Wales. Thus, I commend Selena for even deciding to go through with the tour in the first place as that could not have been an easy decision, considering the state of her health and the fact she had just finished doing a bout of chemo. Not only that but she has been through so much these last few years from her mother’s miscarriage, a very public breakup and the brutal murder of Christina Grimmie.

 She made a decision because she knew it would benefit the fans, but I don’t think she even took the time to think about how it would affect her because she always puts the fans first. Selena has yet to say how long her break will be or whether the tour will resume next year, honestly I hope she takes a few months off and goes back home to Texas so she can get better around family. I pray she is selfless during this time and just takes all the time she needs to get back to her old self because she is HUMAN and suffers just as much as us ordinary folk.

 Until next time,


Music 101- Top 5 Sad Country Songs

*This post was originally published on my previous Wix Blog on the 31st August*

It’s that time again for a new post in my series Music 101 and this week I am bringing you a mini-playlist of my top 5 country sad songs. Country music is a genre of music that speaks to me in a way that no other genre can offer. It is sad, real and powerful, a true testament to what music should offer its audience. Fans of country music will know that there are way more sad songs than there is happy songs and I am about to introduce you to some of them.


 1. Brad Paisley ft Alison Krauss- Whiskey Lullaby

2. Rascal Flatts- What hurts the most

 3. Brad Paisley ft Alison Krauss- New Again

4. Love and Theft- Whiskey on my breath

5. Carrie Underwood- Just a dream

Friday Vibes

*This post was originally posted on my previous Wix blog on the 26th August 2016*

Hey guys,

I apologise for not posting sooner but it has been a crazy week as I got my A Level results last week and found out that I will be going to my dream Uni- Essex University in October to study Politics. Not to gloat but I must say I am very proud of myself for actually pushing through and ending my high school education with ABB, which I did not see myself achieving at one point. There was a time at the start of this year where I was ready to give up, I would literally have sleepless nights where I cried myself to sleep because I couldn’t see myself living up to everyone’s expectations. But, I can now brush off the dust and revel in my success.


 Going to uni means that I will be moving out for four years *eek*. I am nervous but mostly excited because I’m going to Uni with my best friend so it really wont be anything else but fun. I am already imagining all the savagery we will unleash on the campus. We already have so much planned that we want to do, e.g a guided tour down the deep south which we plan on saving up the minute we get those coins from Student Finance *lmao*. No but honestly, I am so looking forward to this new chapter of my life. I just want to grow as a person and learn how to live without the comfort of home, as well as travel and do all the things I won’t be able to do once I get out into the real world of work. Remember when I wrote ‘Miserable‘ a few posts ago and I spoke about the importance of doing you and not allowing ANYONE to stop you from achieving your goals. You can bet your dollars that I will be entering Uni with that exact mindset because I am getting to a point in my life now where I don’t have time for peoples negativity and silly attempts to deter me from my goals. I am building an empire and my career is the most important thing to me right now, do you think I worked this hard to allow anyone to tell me any different? No and NO! I have always said that one day everyone will see my name and instantly know who I am. I know in my heart that will happen soon.

 Okay! Enough of the uni talk for now because I have to let you guys in on a big secret. Big things will soon be happening on this blog, one of which will be a Q&A vlog with my friend Issy who also has an amazing blog which I will attach below. I also have so much ideas for future posts and I can’t wait to share them with you.

 Issy’s blog: https://izanablogs.wordpress.com

 Lastly, I have had something bothering me for a while and I hope that when the time comes, you guys will help me with it. Most of you that read my blog won’t know that I suffer from Polycystic Ovaries which is a hormonal condition which means I have lttle to none periods a year, as well suffer with turbulent weight gain. PCOS is a condittion that affects a lot of women, yet there is still little that is known about it, currently there is no cure and medication can be a hit or miss, depending on the person. Thus, I have decided to start a crowdfunding page for a charity called Verity that specialises in building awareness around the condition, as well as providing self help groups for sufferers. I should be launching it very soon so watch out for that and please donate. It would mean the world.

Music 101: Top ten favourite songs

 *This post was originally posted on my previous Wix blog on the 15th August 2016*

Anyone that knows me will know how much music means to me, it is more than a random song on your Ipod that you have no idea got there or a hobby. Music is literally my life, you know how people ask what three things would you bring to a desert island. I would be the person that brought their Ipod, speaker and charger *in my ideal desert island, there would be power sockets*. Music is the best form of therapy, well for me anyway; I could be having the crappiest day but would find solace in listening to one of my favourite songs. Lately, I have been thinking of different projects that I could do on my blog and I came up with an idea that will allow me to incorporate my love for music by having a weekly series where I create playlists e.g this week will focus on my top ten favourite songs of all time and next week might focus solely on country music.

I hope that through this new series you guys will discover a newfound passion for music and the power of song lyrics, and if you already are a massive music fan, no worries! Allow me to hopefully introduce you to new songs or reacquaint you with some old ones 🙂

The theme for this week’s playlist is favourite songs of all time, as such I will be giving you an insight into the songs that have made me and broke me *Note: I am internally forever sad so most of my playlists reflect that lol.* But seriously what would life be without sad songs, pretty bloody dire in my opinion.

 Now on to the playlist, which btw is in no particular order:

1. Lady Antebellum- Need you now ❤

 This song will forever hold a special place in my heart, it is the song that got me into country music and for that I will always be grateful to Lady A. I remember the first time I watched this on youtube and instantly started searching for similar artists/songs, by the evening of that same day, I had become accustomed to some of the greatest country artists, a genre that has really helped shape who I am as a person and continues to be my all time favourite. #CountryGirlForLife

2. Selena Gomez- Who Says

 “You made me insecure, told me I wasn’t good enough. But who are you to judge, when you’re a diamond in the rough.” This song got me through so much during my early adolescent years and is one of the biggest reasons why Selena will always be my queen, idol and inspiration. A power anthem for all young women that teaches the importance of self worth and what it means to love yourself.

3. Crowded House- Don’t dream it’s over

This song has been one of my favourites for what feels like forever now. It motivates to keep on dreaming and never lose sight of what I want out of life. A power anthem for those who feel at a wit’s end and want desperately to give up.

 4. Brad Paisley ft Alison Krauss- Whiskey Lullaby

 Another country jam that pulls at all the wrong heartstrings; in the sense that if you are looking for a song and accompanying video to make you sob your eyes out. You need not to look any further than this song all about heartbreak, loss and grief. I have nothing else to say apart from the fact that this song is my all time favourite.

 5. The Smiths- Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now

This song speaks for itself to be honest written by the great lyricist that is Morrisey. I love anything by The Smiths but this one happens to be my all time fave.

 6. John Mayer- Slow Dancing in a Burning Room

 Guitar Riffs, heartbreak and powerful lyrics… you name it, this song literally has it all. Slow Dancing in a Burning Room is a song all about a relationship that is long time broken but rather than break up, they merely put off the inevitable. A beautiful song about the reality of broken relationships.

 7. Hayley Kiyoko- Girls like Girls

This song didn’t come out that long ago and was written by Actress/Singer Hayley Kiyoko who some may know from the Disney film Lemonade Mouth. It is a song all about coming to terms with one’s sexuality and loving someone regardless of gender. Girls like Girls is a powerful anthem for the LGBT community and a song that I think everyone should listen to.

8. One Direction- What makes you beautiful

 The song that started it all allowing me to become part of a family of dedicated directioners who have changed my life for the better. Listening to this song brings me back to a time when we only had to worry about the next colour of braces the boys would wear and Mr X not breaks, departures and feuds.

9. The 1975- If I believe you

 This song resonates with me because I can relate to it so much. If I believe you is a song about being a non-believer and trying to understand religion as well as the instinct to looki to higher powers in tough times. If you do anything today it should be listening to this song, beautifully written and flows more like poetry than anything else.

 10. Daughter-Love

 Love is a beautiful song all about loving someone that doesn’t feel the same way. I love anything by Daughter but this one is my favourite for many reasons.

 I hope you guys enjoy my very emotionally driven playlist and fall in love with some of the songs just as much as I do.

 Until next time,

Savannah x

Life Update+Suicide Squad Review

*This post was originally posted on my previous Wix blog on the 7th August 2016*

Life Update:  Hey guys, the past few weeks in my life have been crazy after being prescribed some medication for Poly-cystic Ovaries, I became really ill for about a week and a half so it’s back to the drawing board until my next doctors appointment anyway. Also I binge-watched the new Netflix drama Stranger Things and I am hooked… Eleven is bae. Not only that but I have so much stuff planned for my blog, including some upcoming tags such as Music 101 and Hottie of the Month but more of that to come. What else, oh yeah I get my A Level results in about 11 days *pray for me*  

 Review: So i’m back this time with a review of the much anticipated Suicide Squad. Suicide Squad is a film that been in the works for the last few years, it was expected to give the DC universe that push it needed to earn it’s credibility in the movie world. However after its release this week, the film has fallen victim to a bunch of bad reviews and after seeing it yesterday I can kind of understand why. Suicide Squad wasn’t a bad film, I would probably call it a solid 6.5 out of ten but what I found and the same problem occurred with Batman V Superman is that the writers had good ideas but showed no clear direction. It was like watching a toddler paint in the sense that they have a clear sense of what they want to create but the end product is just splatters of their imagination that only they can understand and explain. 

 ************* Mild Spoilers ahead ***************

 Character Development: 7/10

I was impressed with the development of the characters in Suicide Squad because it feel like it provided a good enough foundation that can be built on in later films i.e Justice League, however for a film that was meant to focus on a group of assailants it focused heavily on Harley Quinn and Dead-shot. Did the writers give us a good background into the other members journey of how they came to be under the imprisonment of A.R.G.U.S? YES. Was it enough? NO. In my opinion, the film is carried by the presence of Harley, I really don’t think it would even be remotely good if she wasn’t in it. Although, we don’t see much of Jared Leto’s Joker in Suicide Squad, I was really happy with his portrayal of a more darker, twisted Joker to the one portrayed by his predecessor Heath Ledger *R.I.P*. However, I do think the writers have some explaining to do because the trailers that they released made it seem as though the Joker would play a much more prominent role in the film than he actually did, I actually think if they had him appear as the main villain and explored his and Harley’s relationship more the film probably would have got a better reception.

 Let me just take a moment thought to fully appreciate how great Will Smith was in his role as Dead-shot. Deadshot was one of the few characters that I felt they got right and did justice.

 In terms of some the other characters, I feel like the film could have done without them e.g Enchantress. I don’t know if it was Cara’s portrayal or just that it felt like she was thrown in at the last minute, I definitely feel like the presence of Enchantress is what made the film feel so jumpy and unorganised but I can’t go into much detail without spoiling it so i’ll just leave that there.

 Viola Davis smashed it as Amanda Waller but there was never a doubt in my mind that she wouldn’t, I mean she literally smashes every performance.

 Plot: 5/10

The plot was there but poorly executed, as I said it was very all over the place. Suicide Squad was much better than Batman v Superman and made me realise why I used to be so obsessed with Harley Quinn, I have faith that they will get their act together by the release of Justice League… They have to because if they eff up Flash, I’m going to go all Deadshot on their asses. The actual plot of the film doesn’t really get going until the second half of the film and even then the course of the film seemed to change direction several times.

 Soundtrack: 9/10

The soundtrack is sooooooooooo good. The songs were one of the few things they got right in the film which is why I came home last night and downloaded the soundtrack.

 Overall Comments:

A film that had a lot of potential but lacked delivery, Margot Robbie stole the show as Harley Quinn and really carried the film. I would really only watch it again to see her scenes, DC give her a solo film and start making some real money 🙂

Until next time,


Hamilton Obsessed



I am currently listening to the Hamilton soundtrack as I write this, a testament to my out of control obsession if you wish. For those of you that are yet to be acquainted with the greatness that is Hamilton, allow me to introduce you!

Hamilton is a hit Broadway hip hop musical created by the extremely talented Lin Manuel Miranda. It is based on the founding father without a father, Alexander Hamilton and is one of the most successful musicals of our time. The show premiered on Broadway last year where it received enthusiastic critical acclaim and unprecedented advance box office sales. Last month’s Tony Awards saw the play nominated for a record- setting 16 nominations of which they won 11. Hamilton is more than a musical, it is a global phenomenon and here’s a few reasons why.

 1. The Songs:

 When I first heard about the whole hysteria surrounding Hamilton, I was probably just as sceptic as you are right now reading this… How in hell could a musical about a founding father possibly be any good? That was until I gave in and downloaded the soundtrack, now I just think I need rehab or something because I listen to it everyday.

The road to Hamilton obsession starts with the soundtrack, you find yourself listening to one song then another and another and then somehow you’ve listened to the whole album and didn’t even realise.

Alexander Hamilton

2. The Diversity

 In theory Broadway is a particularly white-washed business, it is rare to see people of colour taking lead in theatre. However Hamilton defies that logic- The show’s only white lead is England’s King George III. Its main character is played by Lin-Manuel Miranda, a Latino who wrote the script. Other lead actors — Leslie Odom Jr. plays Aaron Burr, Christopher Jackson plays Washington, Daveed Diggs plays Jefferson and Phillipa Soo plays Eliza Schuyler — are all black or biracial.

 I remember when Hamilton were first holding auditions and caused controversy by specifically asking for people of colour on the casting call, even then I was intrigued by a play that was intent on defying odds by proving ethnic minorities were not a liability.

3. The Success

“Hamilton” is on track to become one of the biggest critical hits in Broadway history. It won 11 Tony Awards, including best musical, as well as the Pulitzer Prize for drama and a Grammy Award for best musical theater album. Other awards include the Kennedy Prize for Drama Inspired by American History and theGeorge Washington Book Prize. Mr. Miranda received a “genius grant” from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation.

The love for Hamilton doesn’t just stop at the theatre, Miranda and cast performed at the White House to the delight of the Obama’s. Celebrities such as Beyonce, Jay Z, JLO, James Corden and more have also expressed their love towards Hamilton.

The success of Hamilton has been so loud that an international tour has been lined up for next year, guess who’s going to try and get tickets when they go on sale later on this year. If I don’t succeed, let it be known that I have failed at life 😦

  Hamilton Cast at the White House

 Skip Obama speaking and go straight to 9:00 *You’re welcome*

Until next time,




*This post was previously posted on July 1st over at my previous wix blog*


One of my favourite country singers Kacey Musgraves once said ‘you try to tell me you want happiness, but you’re not happy unless you’re miserable.’ This lyric has always stuck with me because as humans we are constantly looking to evolve, this is sometimes restricted by our comfort in pursuing what we already know. So, whaat I mean by this is that more often than not we desire to achieve certain goals and aspirations but this often fails due to one adopting a fixed mindset, by which we seek these goals but fear change. Over the years I have come to realise that we are often reluctant to change our approach to life, it is almost as if we are bound to our mentality so much so that we attempt to set sail with our anchor down. *another great and relevant Kacey lyric there*

 But how can we desire success when we are doing hardly anything to achieve that? I know that we all have a tendancy to sit back and wait for life to go our way as if the universe is a genie that grants all our wishes. I mean, for a long time I used to say that I wanted to be a world famous entertainment journalist just like my idols Ryan Seacrest and Guilianna Rancic. However, I was doing practically nothing to achieve this. I wasn’t writing or blogging nor making any sort of attempt to engross myself in the industry; it probably was not until the FIRST year of sixth form that I just suddenly got a wake up call and finally decided I needed to make a change. No one was going to know my name if I sat back and never gave them a reason to, no I had to pretty much pick my non existent balls off the floor and start putting in the work, and ever since then I have achieved so much from having a published article to volunteering at a radio show.

 You see, as much as we would like to just be given our dreams on a silver platter, it is not possible unless we give someone a reason to hand us that platter. As cliched as it sounds ‘you reap what you sow’. Another thing that I wanted to address is the importance of a strong inner circle… sometimes people are put in our path not to inspire us, but to deter us from our goals. If you are religious, you would probably say  that it is God’s way of making us stronger; I’m not a religous person but I do feel that this is true. Throughout life we meet so many people and make a ton of friends, but majority of these people are just there for the moment… a temporary fixture of sorts. Come on, have you ever heard of anyone that is still friends with EVERYONE they were friends with from primary school to University? I haven’t because over the years one’s friendship groups tend to get smaller in size, this is probably because we mature and stupid things like #squadgoals and popularity cease to be something we care about, what with real issues like bills and starting a family being much more important.

Having people around you that support your goals and want to help aid your growth is a major key to your success.